Build Catchy Creatives with the New Localization Macros


Creating catchy creatives can be challenging – mostly due to the initial wish of finding the golden path between click rate and conversion rate. If you want users to convert after clicking – your creative should show a clear picture of what users will get on your landing page.

One of the best ways to get it done the right way is to combine dynamic macros along with the creative. These macros will add a sense of localization and personalization to the creative, without harming your general message, while increasing the CTR.

The following creative Macros can be used:
{BV_COUNTRY} – Will show the user’s country
{BV_REGION} – Will show the user’s region/state
{BV_CITY} – Will show the user’s city

These macros will dynamically change by the location of the user!

Along with these Macros, it is always a good advice to blend in some catchy emojis 😀. Our ad creation page offers an in-line emojis blend so adding them is fast and easy.

We have compiled a few creatives as a sample use of macros:
The above macros and emojis are available in the ad creation page for Native, In-Page Push and Classic Push. You can copy & paste the macros directly on your creative, as well as blend in the emojis.