Direct Ads with Keywords and Brand Names


Direct Ads have always been top converting among all ad formats because they capture the users on the exact second when they type a domain in the address bar, search a domain or click a broken link. On this exact second, we capture the user’s browsing action in one of these cases:

  • Domain Correct – The user mistypes the domain or extension, say instead of
  • Domain Restore – The user types the correct address – but the domain is broken
  • Domain Suggest – The user starts to type a domain – and we offer the most relevant brand
  • Link Suggest – The user clicks a broken link

Next, using our brand-AI engine, we analyze which domain the user was trying to reach. This AI-powered engine is able to find the perfect match for each of the above scenarios. will be mapped to the “Amazon” keyword and the bidding will start – the highest bidder for this keyword will win the traffic. In a similar way, our brand-AI is able to match TENS OF MILLIONS of typos, broken domains and pages.

Now think how powerful this is! Let’s analyze this specific case:

  • Brand-to-Affiliate – Say you are an Amazon affiliate – you can drive such traffic to your affiliate page at a super low cost and achieve tremendous conversion rate!
  • Brand-to-Competitor – Say you have a competitive product – you can drive super-engaged and ready-to-buy users to your product page!
  • Brand-to-Brand – Say you are the brand owner – you can restore lost traffic and send it back to your site!

Brand-AI & keyword-AI
Hand in hand with our brand-AI comes along our keyword-AI engine which is constantly mapping tens of millions of typos and errors into a super-relevant list of keywords. Using our keyword suggestion tool – you can benefit from brand-to-keyword, keyword-to-brand and keyword-to-keyword suggestions. This tool is available for you in the Targeting section of your Direct Ads:
keywords research
You can see in this example that search for travel will suggest “booking”, “hotels” and hundreds of more keywords and brands.

Do this and Become Rich
Don’t wait any longer – you can score an amazing income! Just do your research, match the right keywords and brands to the right offers – and watch crazy conversion rates and income.