Native Ads – What is it All About?


Our Native Ads inventory is steadily growing and NOW will be the best time to join the trend before bid prices start to increase as competition grows.

Why go Native?

  1. Native advertising works! ROI and conversion rates are 20% higher, while less management overhead is required because less traffic is needed to generate conversions
  2. Statistics show that over 50% of users prefer Native over banners. Go with what the crowd wants!
  3. Blending. Your ad will blend into top content sites as a “read more” article or an in-feed item which gives it real confident. Join the success now!

What do I need?

  1. Title + Description
  2. 300×250 image (we offer cropping and resizing tool so no worries about that)
  3. Landing page URL

What kind of offers to run on Native?
The following verticals are native-friendly and can boost your performance and payouts:

  1. eCommerce
  2. Nutra
  3. Trading
  4. Gambling
  5. Dating

Use the Traffic Estimator in your account (link on the left menu) to find volume and recommended starting bids by country and platform.

Remember that our inventory includes ADULT Native Ads as well! Just make the right choice.