Buy eCommerce Search Traffic


How strong is search traffic from the top online stores such as ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Asos, Ali Express etc? Many researches from past years agree that on-site searches are 1.8 percent more likely to convert than regular users.

👠 Strong enough for you to keep reading?

If you have come this far, we’ll share our secret with you – now you can target eCommerce search users using our Injection traffic (contextual pops). Yes, that’s right – you can grab those users that commit search on top online stores worldwide – and get them to your landing page.
On top of that – you can pass the search keyword to your landing page using the {BV_KEYWORD} macro.

The opportunities here are absolutely endless! Start today as the bid pricing of this traffic is increasing daily!

👠 How Does it Work?
That’s easy. Create a new Contextual Pops (Injection) campaign and in the Targeting page you will see an option to enable run_of_ecom.