Contextual Pops (Injection) – Endless Opportunities


Our Injection traffic (contextual pops) has always been great for driving super targeted traffic. That said, we have just released new set of targeting options that are making it even better.

Wide Targeting:
The various following options can get you certain sets of our injection traffic, per your choice:

  • RON (Run Of Network)
    If you just want to buy ALL of our injection traffic – this option is the right one for you.
  • SERP (Run Of Search)
    Using this option – you can buy only SEARCH traffic, which means traffic of users that are performing actual search action in search engines or ecom sites. You can use one of our various MACROS to pass the search term used to your landing page.
  • ECOM (Run Of eCommerce)
    Here you can buy all of the Injection SEARCH traffic from eCommerce stores only (Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Asos etc). Think of how GREAT this is! You can literately get these SUPER-ENGAGED users to your landing page at the exact second they are searching top ecom sites!

URL-based Targeting:
Here we are getting more targeting, allowing you to target down to the level of the actual web page:

  • By Domains
    This option will send you users that are browsing the domains that you list, on real-time. For example, if you type and – your landing page will be injected when the user browse any of these domains. When this is useful? When you want to target competitors’ domains, specific brand (for brand-to-brand campaigns) etc.
  • By Keywords
    If you look to target users that search specific keywords  – this option is the right one for you. For example, if you type “sneakers” – your landing page will show when the user search for “sneakers” in any of the search engines (Google, Bing etc) or eCommerce websites (Amazon, Walmart, etc)
    If you wish to target part of a URL, type it along with its preceding slash. For example, if you will target “/cart” your landing page will be injected when a user browse any website with an inner page that includes “/cart” as part of its path. With this example, you can literally target users that are adding products to their cart! Think of the endless opportunities that this option gives you!
  • By URL – Broad Match
    You can target by broad match any part of the URL Path by typing Asterix (*) before your keyword. For example, if you target *poker your landing page will be injected for any website where the URL Path contains “poker” – which is a GREAT example of how you can target gambling traffic.
  • By Domain and URL
    Now we are getting SUPER-targeted. This option allows you to target specific page on a specific domain by adding a dollar sign ($) before your keyword. For example, if you target $ your landing page will be opened when the user browses video games category in

As you can see – the opportunities are ENDLESS. Just think out of the box, do your preliminary research – and you can skyrocket your revenues with our injection traffic!